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  • Recently, internet banking user's damage from data breach involving personal information such as credit card or bank account due to Phishing / Pharmingattacks is spreading. Client may require special attention when using internet banking.
    If client installs security program below while using internet banking service from Woori America Bank, real time nProtect Online Security programs will be runing on client pc and safely protect from cyber crime.(Installation is optional.)
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    • What is nProtect Online Security?
    • nProtect Online Security is an endpoint security that creates a safe transaction environment on your computer during online banking sessions. nProtect Online Security protects your account information from sophisticated financial malwares, phishing sites, pharming and man-in-the-middle attacks with its multi-layered security features.

    • What is Pharming?
    • Pharming is a banking fraud to obtain personal or private information through redirecting a website's traffic to another, bogus site which may appear almost identical to the official site via your own computer infected with malicious codes by opening uncertain video files or emails.

    • What is Phishing?
    • Phishing is the act of sending an emails or text messages (SMS) to unspecified persons in an attempt to direct users at a fake website which looks similar to the legitimate to steal the user's personal information.

    • Pharming/Phishing Flowchart
    • Pharming & Phishing Flowchart

    • NOTE
    • How to Install nProtect Online Security?
    1. Download NOS setup file by clicking on the download button above.This will only take a few seconds and is required for the first time only.
    2. Execute the downloaded setup file and follow the setup process.
    3. When installation is complete, NOS agent icon will appear at the tray icon area.
    • How to Uninstall nProtect Online Security
    1. Click ‘Start’ button.
    2. Select ‘Control Panel’.
    3. Select ‘Uninstall a program’.
    4. Select ‘nProtect Online Security Uninstall’ and click uninstall.
    • How nProtect Online Security Works
    • nProtect Online Security Features
    • System Support
    • nProtect Customer Support

    Contact Information For more information, please visit your local branches or call 1-888-MyWoori(699-6674)